Graphic showing different types of disabilities which require ADA compliant websites.

Make your website an asset… not a liability.

We take website accessibility seriously because there are way too many risks associated with a non-compliant site. So we want to share an ADA Compliance solution we’ve found with you.

We’ve been using a game-changing accessibility tool from a leading developer of accessibility software on the What A Great Website site. We’re so impressed that we’ve partnered with them to offer this essential tool to you.

See how the AccessWidget tool works.

A visual of the menu is on the right. You can see a few of the accessibility issues a disabled visitor might deal with. But to see how it works, click on the little accessibility icon on the left side of this page (or any other on this website) to pull up a menu of accessibility adjustments that a disabled viewer can adjust. Toggle the on/off button to see a detailed description of how it works.

Screen grab listing adjustments that an accessibility tool uses to make a website ADA-compliant.

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How does ADA compliance affect your small business?

ADA compliance applies to all businesses. Even small ones like yours. Not to mention that a compliant website gives you potential access to the 1 in 5 people who deal with disabilities and can’t view websites online.

The risks of non-compliance?

  • A non-compliant website leaves you open to legal action from opportunistic lawyers looking to frighten people into settling claims.
  • You can face potential damage to your business’s reputation.
  • Hits to your reputation can negatively affect your business.

Americans like doing business with companies we like and trust. Increasingly, the news is filled with stories about ethical practices, treatment of employees, and inclusivity. A compliant website says “we care”.

Why your business needs this:

Graphic of a courtroom gavel and a dollar sign to indicate the high cost of a website that is non-compliant.
  • Expand Your Reach: Tap into the  20% of our population with disabilities that make them unable to use the internet.
  • Legal Protection: Minimize the risk of a civil lawsuit. They’re on the rise and small businesses are in the crosshairs.
  • Reputation Excellence: Do the right thing while enhancing your reputation as an inclusive company.
  • SEO Boost: An accessible website can boost your search ranking.

AI-Powered Automation – An Affordable Compliance Solution 

How it works.

Sign up for your free audit. Next, you’ll get a detailed report showing where your website passes or fails a  compliance check. You can then decide whether or not to have us install the ADA plugin to start monitoring your site. 

What’s included?

30-Day Free Trial, then the very budget-friendly price of $585/yr. which includes installation.

AI-Powered Access Plugin

Official Accessibility Statement for your site

Litigation Support (a safety net in case of a lawsuit)

Daily Website Scans & Remediation for 24/7 compliance

Qualify for ADA Tax Credit (up to $5000/yr.)

Graphic of a magnifying glass being used to read copy on a non-compliant website.

No changes are made to your website.

This is a behind-the-scenes accessibility solution. The only thing on your website is the AccessWidget icon which sits discreetly on the side of your web pages. This lets visitors know that your website supports screen readers and accessible keyboard navigation.  

About the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Passed in 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act was enacted to ensure accessibility and civil rights for people with disabilities. The Department of Justice clarified that the act included website accessibility in 2018.

About the ADA Website Accessibility Tax Credit

The U.S. government rewards businesses that make their websites accessible with a tax credit of up to $5000. Yes, for most small businesses, it’s like getting this protection for free. Plus, you can use this credit every year.

Your business qualifies for the tax credit if:

  • The accessibility expense is between $250 – $10,000 in a given tax year.
  • Gross receipts are under $1million or fewer than 30 full time employees in the prior tax year.

We believe AccessWidget is an elegant and subtle accessibility solution that lets visitors know your website supports screen readers and accessible keyboard navigation. 


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