Man's hand striking a very large nail with a very large hammer.

7 ways to nail customer service.

3-minute read The customer may not always be right (sorry, Mr. Selfridge), but if you want to keep her, you ...
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Hand holding a sign that says design

8 Best Practices to Increase Product Page Conversion Rates

Today's guest post is from Andrew Scherer 8 Best Practices to Increase Product Page Conversion Rates Getting your product pages ...
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screens showing website monitoring graphs

Why you need to have a monitoring program set up for your website.

After your WordPress website goes live, you may think the website work is finished. Not so. WordPress is the most ...
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Word of Mouth

Revisiting Word-of-Mouth Marketing

If you were born after 2000, you may not be familiar with word-of-mouth marketing. Suffice it to say that word-of-mouth ...
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how to determine market positioning

Is Your Company’s Positioning Statement Accurate?

Positioning is like a roadmap for your business. It drives all of your branding, messaging and marketing. A clear positioning ...
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Why aren’t people opening your emails?

Getting people to open your emails can be daunting. With overloaded inboxes and so many subject lines vying for attention, ...
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graphic showing 1 red token in a line of blue tokens

How to create an Ideal Client Profile

Before you start any marketing, you need a plan. Without one, you’re bound to make scattershot efforts. A waste of ...
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Gordon's Ace Hardware Store in the Gold Coast

How to deliver a remarkable customer experience

Last month, we blogged about what NOT to do when offering new products or services. This month, we focus on ...
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post-it notes on a planning calendar

Guest Post: Shouldn’t Business & Life Skills Complement Each Other? by Julie Morris

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash Americans spend one-third of their lives working – often more for entrepreneurs – and ...
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