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Amy Levy PR is a successful crisis communications and public relations firm in Los Angeles. But their website was dated, disorganized and cluttered. They also had shifted their focus to highlight cannabis and specialty foods and restaurants with an emphasis on gluten-free. Those areas needed to be highlighted.

We designed a clean, modern WordPress site, replacing way-too-small images with larger visuals for maximum impact. Amy is a great writer with a strong personality. She’s also super funny. So it was important that her voice comes through loud and clear.

Working with content from the old site, we reorganized and edited copy to make it keyword-rich (for SEO), concise and compelling while still sounding like Amy. Since storytelling is an important element of public relations (you need to be able to pitch a compelling story to the media), we highlighted that front and center on the home page with a visual that says “nobody tells a story like we do.”

The new site is clean, modern and streamlined. Quick links on the home page let visitors easily find the firm’s areas of expertise with selected client stories. Hero images of gorgeous food are enticing so that visitors want to learn more. And the copy clearly tells potential clients why they should hire Amy Levy.

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