Chicago Mediation

Sometimes a client knows just what she wants. Jill Tanz was one of those clients. Her goal was a clean, simple website that clearly positioned her services and her expertise as a mediator who incorporates neuroscience into her work. The website design was driven by a new logo created to rebrand the business. It’s used […]

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Nicholas Sistler

To say Nick’s work is unique is an understatement. In his words: “My art is about visual and perceptual games, and sometimes about space and spatial distortion.” His tiny 4” x 4” abstract paintings are jammed with bold, vibrant colors, shapes and angles. They command your attention on a clean, bright website designed to showcase

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Anhana Designs

Artisan Sy Bar-Sheshet was starting a new woodworking business and needed to get the word out quickly. On a tight startup budget. For branding, we started with a simple logo that uses a wood treatment with a font that says “quality”. We carried the wood theme to the website using simulated wood finishes in the

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PEM Parties

Clients hire Jan Ehrenberg to plan and produce their dream wedding or special event. And she obviously does just that cause 100% of her business is from referrals. Jan’s new website had to be beautifully designed and flawlessly executed to match her tagline. Fortunately, she had a bevy of professional photos from events she’d done.

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Flanigan Communications

Busy Chicago-based public relations whiz, Dyana Flanigan, wanted a vibrant contemporary site to match her new logo (designed by iris), one that clearly reflected her brand. She doesn’t have a lot of time to fiddle with website updates so a WordPress site was the perfect solution for ease of use. Clear, user-friendly navigation – like

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Juliet Huck

This was an unusual website project. The client was launching a podcast. She wasn’t ready for a full website but wanted a landing page. So that’s where we started. Incorporating the client’s artwork (she’s a graphic designer), we built a WordPress site which consisted of landing and contact pages. The landing page spotlights Juliet’s podcasts

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Howard Simmons

We love Howard. He’s a talented Chicago-based commercial and consumer photographer and a pleasure to work with (he took our “corporate photos” at Navy Pier and was incredibly patient under blazing sun on the hottest day of summer that year). Since a photographer’s portfolio is his most important marketing tool, we made sure Howard’s site

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Sam Rosenthal Fine Art

Artist Sam Rosenthal paints cityscapes, landscapes, portraits and still-lifes. Much of his work is very large-scaled. When he hired us to build his website, it was clear that the right site would simply highlight his work…..which speaks for itself. Four separate galleries showcase the artwork by category as well as featuring some installations. There’s also

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ISBA Mutual Insurance

ISBA Mutual Insurance provides professional liability insurance to Illinois attorneys and small law firms. When their website was being redone internally but hit some snags, they decided to outsource the project. We were tasked with developing the new site which, while retaining the look and branding of the old site, added advanced functionality like making

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Edge IQ Skating

This project was different than most of our website work and took us in a new direction.  Entrepreneur and professional skating coach Amanda Kunze needed a professional website for her new business but – like a lot of startups — didn’t have the budget for a custom site. We liked her and wanted to help,

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